Kaboost are you listening?

I have been lusting after a new product for months now. Almost every week there is another blog reviewing and giving away another of these Kaboost boosters. They are cool looking and makes almost any chair into a booster seat for your little one. They can be used in two levels so when your child gets older and hopefully taller they can still be used to make your child more comfortable at the table.

I love that the child gets to be in the adult chairs without having to be strapped in. I love that the Kaboost folds up so small. I love how portable this Kaboost is. I love that it comes in lime green.

I am getting tired of the high chair. I like that Aidan is strapped in, and that it has the tray, but sometimes I wish it was easier to have him at the table.

So Kaboost, if you are listening, I would love to write a review after actually handling a Kaboost. What do you think?

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  1. Laura says:

    just email them-i bet they’ll send you one. they really are GREAT. my 22 mo. old was throwing food out of the high chair and just a general “pill” when he was in it. now he sits at the table like a “big boy” and eats well! we love the kaboost!

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