The Last Post (For National Blog Posting Month)

Wow! I did it! I posted every day in November. I survived trying to do too many things this month. I survived and actually wrote some decent posts. I was able to juggle taking care of Aidan, guides, choir and all the organization that goes with that. I survived losing our organist to a family emergency. I survived trying to get another organist. I survived getting two instead. I survived typing up the bulliten. I survived the hives and headaches. I actually got my closet clean, though I forgot to take the before picture so I could enter it for the Organizational challenge. Oh well, maybe the next one. I have another post I want to write for later but I just wanted to make sure that I boasted that I finished at least one thing I started this month.


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1 Response to The Last Post (For National Blog Posting Month)

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    Congratulations!!!! Really enjoyed the blogs every day, certainly will miss them. Hope you keep them coming during December even if it is not every day.

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