Menu Plan Monday

This week will be a little crazy getting ready for Advent.  I am going to be singing on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  I have guides and yoga on tuesday.  I may have another guide event on Sunday afternoon.  I am trying to get the house clean for Advent as well.  I am hoping that my meals go easily and I keep on schedule.  I am trying to be healthy and not eat out.  We will see if it actually works.

Monday: Lasagne in 4 small freezable containers. 1 for eating 3 for freezing.

Tuesday: Leftovers.

Wednesday: Spiced Breaded Chicken in the oven.

Thursday: Pasta and Sauce

Friday: Hamburgers

Saturday: Open

Sunday: Aidan and Daddy go for Dinner.  Gwen at Advent Service.

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  1. Nana says:

    Judging by your schedual, you are your mother’s daughter. Have lots of fun with the singing and Guides. (Sparks last night was sooo… fun.)

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