Oh Santa! I Just Can’t Wait For You to Come!

I love Christmas and I have an itching to start decorating and get the boy excited about Santa Claus. I can’t wait for Advent! It is so close and I will have a few advent calendars for Aidan this year. My dad and Kate got Aidan a beautiful Advent Calendar last year that is a felt tree with little stuffed ornaments to put on the tree every day in December. I am planning to get it down from the top of our storage locker with the other ornaments and lights on Saturday so that we can start putting up the lights. I am also expecting an Advent calendar from Nana for Aidan and I am making a small box calendar as well. I will post pictures when it is finished.

Today Aidan and I went on an adventure downtown on the TROLLY bus. Aidan was so excited and he walked a good deal of the way. We went into Sears and the first thing Aidan saw was the Christmas trees. He really wants us to get one soon. He loves the lights and the fact that the trees are indoors. When we were looking at the clothes so I could check out the pyjamas, he found a sheep. He wants this sheep. I told him we could take a picture of the sheep and send it in a letter to Santa Claus to see if he might be able to get it as a present. We then went for the main portion of our trip (excluding lunch) and checked out electric pianos at Tom Lee Music. Aidan loves pianos. He could bang on them all day. I have a few pictures of the pianos we want and a small video of Aidan playing one. He found octaves by himself. It was so cool. I really hope he will be a good piano player. It is such a good skill to have.

When we got home we wrote the letter to Santa Claus. I will publish it as a separate post, it is very cute. I hope SC will write back. I think Aidan would be thrilled. Meanwhile I will post the pictures of Aidan and the pianos. Of course the one we really want is the most expensive. Maybe Santa will help us. 🙂CIMG1286.JPG

This one doesn’t come with the stand and bench. It has a nice tone though.


This one is fun, but very silver. It does come with the bench and stand.



This one has pedals like a real piano, and it is my favourite. It is very sturdy (Aidan won’t be able to knock it over) and is the most like a real piano (of the ones I tried.) It is also the most expensive of the bunch. Please Santa?

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4 Responses to Oh Santa! I Just Can’t Wait For You to Come!

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  2. Grandma Kathy says:

    Wow they are quite expensive. Get Aidan to ask Grandpa for a piano – lol Aidan does seem to enjoy them. I do have a question though – where are you going to put it?

    Love Grandma Kathy

  3. Nana says:

    What has to leave home to get a piano into your small apartment?
    Aidan’s Advent calendar is in the mail and “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” leaves on Tuesday. Excitement should keep building.

  4. Gwen says:

    We got rid of the papasan chair a while ago and we are planning to put it in that space. We measured and they will fit. We are doing some comparison shopping and hopefully all will work out as it should.

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