Live Betching the Emmys

I usually get to betch to Anthony but since he is on his way to Seattle for a conference I am by myself. (Well I try not to bitch too much in front of the boy.) I have a date on MSN with Lynn so thought that I would put some of her comments here as well. 🙂

OK on to the red-carpet watching.

Edie Falco: some weird polka- dotted thing. It looked good on her but not for everyone.

Debra Messing: Nice dress but you need some boobs girl! Love the hair though.

Chandra Wilson: Beautiful hot and amazing body. She looks like she loves her curves and isn’t afraid to show it.

Ali Larter: Lots of fun and love the red dress.

Jon Stewart looks the same as always.

As an aside Aidan is still up and during the Joe commercial (of course it has been on at least 3 times) he does this very cute twirling dance.

Tina Fey: cute not really memorable.

Keira Sedgewick: Good thing she is a hot older woman cause the dress is hideous. How many ducks needed to die for that one?

America: I love her she is so sweet and a normal body shape! Oh an the blue of her dress so nice for her skin.

Kathy Griffin: Damn I hate her she must be the most annoying woman in the world. Sort of the female version of Gilbert Godfried.

Steve Carell: Love love love him. He is so funny and cool for a nerd.

Just in case people are wondering it seems that the comma key isn’t working on the old laptop. It isn’t just bad grammar.

Wayne Brady WTH were you thinking with the facial hair?

Hugh Laurie: Another man that could give Anthony a run for his money. Ok there is only one other but everyone has a thing for Pierce Brosnan.

Vanessa Williams: Nobody can pull off feathers. Sorry to disappoint you.

Katherine Heigle: What is up with the lips? “Just Suck it in.” Best quote of the night. She is way too beautiful.

Ryan Secrest: ‘The full service host who cares enough to ask “Who are you wearing?”‘

I am again realizing that I hate watching live tv. Way too many commercials.

I think that I will to a catch up report on the rest tomorrow unless there is something I just have to snark about. Have fun guys.

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