Open Letter to La Leche League International

Today  (well Friday now) I was reading Parent Dish and Nadine Silverthorne pointed out the the La Leche League International is now selling nursing bras. I was excited because an organization that is lactavist should be aware that all women are not the same shape or size and that as you are pregnant and nursing that you tend to get larger in the bust. I was once again disappointed. I actually wrote the following letter and as this ruminates (yes the pun was intended,) I actually am more than a little frustrated.

Dear La Leche League International,

I just wanted to send a note because I think that you need to be providing a service that other organizations are not. Nursing bras for larger sized women.

Frankly I was a little excited when I heard that the La Leche League was selling nursing bras. Then I looked at your selection and once again I was very disappointed. The size range that you have doesn’t include anything over a D cup. As a woman who normally has a 3D to 4D (G or H) it is impossible to find a nursing bra that is comfortable or fits. I was really hoping that for the next time I was nursing that somebody would provide this service. I know that I am not the only woman who has this problem. It would be nice to have an organization that promotes breastfeeding for every woman and baby to provide a selection of nursing bras for everyone.

I thank you in advance for your response in this matter.

Gwen Floyd

I am actually not just frustrated about the nursing bras, it is the absolute irritation of being a larger busted women in North America where all women should be small perky breasted or so full of silicon that you need no help to stay inflated and up in the air. I should not have to go to a speciality store and spend upwards of a hundred dollars just to get a bra that may fit but is still uncomfortable and ugly as sin. I should be able to go to my local Bay, Zellers, Sears or whatever and at least be able to get a 3D without any problem.

Sigh. I guess I will have to come to terms with it. I am not supposed to be comfortable or sexy. I am not supposed to be a woman who breastfeeds, or cares about how she looks while she does it. If I have a bust this size I should be a amazon who like to be poked in the armpits with underwire. I am supposed to take life’s lumps and not complain. Wait no, I am tired of seeing all these wonderful new nursing bras for glam moms and not being able to be a part of it because I am not an ideal size.

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3 Responses to Open Letter to La Leche League International

  1. Haley-O says:

    I CANNOT believe they don’t have big bras at LLL!!!!! Honestly? MOST of us get HUGE when we’re preggers and nursing. I’ve tried pregnancy bras with a wire in them, and they HURT!!!! So, I’m stuck with basically unsupportive big cotton bras because I will NOT spend the money or the time looking for the perfect bra. Because they really don’t seem to exist at a reasonable price for us big bosomed gals. Arg. So disappointing. Let us know if you hear back to them.

  2. not to mention the freaking cost of ‘specialty’ bra’s and being that anything D or bigger puts you in that category….

    oh man

  3. I’m surprised La Leche of all groups doesn’t understand the need to offer a wide range of sizes. Weird. Not to mention sort of sad.

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