Old Hundredth

Wow, I finally made it. 100 posts. Some of them even relevant and not too badly written. So, in honour of my hundredth post I thought I might post 100 things 50 things I want to do before I am 40. That gives me (for those of you counting) less that ten years but more than five. I will update occasionally and cross off those I actually get done. Some will be fanciful and not likely to happen, but some will be easy and good to get out of the way.

  1. Write at least 5 posts a week between the two blogs consistently.
  2. Teach Aidan to read.
  3. Start my Kindermusik business. (By September I hope.)
  4. Teach Aidan to swim.
  5. Have another baby.
  6. Buy a dwelling.
  7. Get a full time teaching position. (Grade 5 or 6 hopefully.)
  8. Join another choir.
  9. Go to Disney whatever (either coast is fine.)
  10. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  11. See Penn and Teller.
  12. Visit Ireland and meet family.
  13. Get Irish Passport.
  14. Lose 40 lbs.
  15. Get into better shape.
  16. Learn to snowboard.
  17. Go to some Winter Olympic events.
  18. Read and review a hundred books in a year.
  19. Narrate a novel.
  20. Start a podcast.
  21. Find a good topic or premise for said podcast.
  22. Write a couple of children’s books.
  23. Start the scrapbook of Aidan’s life and actually finish a few pages.
  24. Spend a couple of nights away from Aidan with Anthony.
  25. Go to Paris.
  26. Get Organized. (At least 1 aspect of my life.)
  27. Have a huge yard sale.
  28. Get rid of stuff.
  29. Organize my books.
  30. ride my bike again
  31. Go camping with Aidan
  32. Learn to Ballroom dance
  33. Learn to write better
  34. Make an amazing train track formation
  35. Drive across Canada
  36. Go outside more often, even in the rain
  37. See U2 in concert again.
  38. Spend more time with Family
  39. Go swimming more often
  40. Take more photographs
  41. Do something with the video we have
  42. Shoot more video for the grandparents
  43. Take another jewelry making course
  44. Vacuum 1 a week
  45. Clean Master bedroom 1 a month
  46. Go to Italy
  47. Visit somewhere warm for a vacation
  48. Take a girl’s trip to somewhere fun and relaxing
  49. Spend more time with Anthony alone
  50. Take more time to relax

I will add to my list from time to time.  What are some things you want to do in the next few years?

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