10 Things

Aidan now has some very toddler like moments. A lot of them include a penchant for water splashing.
1. I have now had to use electrical tape to keep the boy out of the fish tank.

2. Yesterday Aidan ate his first bit of school glue. He didn’t like it. (Pfwaaahh) At least it comes off easily.
3. Aidan thinks “pease” will get me to take the tape off the fish tank.

4. We (meaning I since he is under 4) now have a membership to Science World. Aidan had a blast in the kidspace. The water table and gravity wall were the biggest hits. Pictures to come later.

5. Aidan’s vocabulary is growing. He is now ordering the cats “down” from wherever they are. So now I know he understands He is not allowed on the table but just can’t help himself.

6. The cat fountain is irresistible. Aidan now knows why the old towels are in the drawer under the fish tank. (Aidan also decided to use one of the towels today before I taped the fish tank. )

7. Aidan really knows most of his alphabet names and sounds. It still amazes me.

8. Aidan gets so excited when Anthony comes home that he almost hyperventilates. He runs to me and almost jumps in my arms to get him downstairs faster.
9. Aidan knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. (Now I have the Sex Pistols in my head.) He will grab my hand (or Anthony’s) say “Hand!” and sometimes “Pease” and will drag us where he wants to go inserting random words like “bath” or “book” or “Sheep Jeep” or some other book title.

10. We have found Aidan’s “Toddler Crack.” Leap Frog’s Letter Factory DVD. He doesn’t move a muscle. He loves it.

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  1. Nana Lorraine says:

    He will be reading his own books before you know it. Does he have Richard Scarey’s “Cars and Trucks and Things That Move”? Your brothers loved all those books. Come splash with me soon. Love you all.

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