Is he supposed to have this imagination already?

I am not sure if you know this but our son has quite an imagination.  Aidan has been know to turn almost anything into a phone and talk quite animatedly on it.  He drives anything and everything, including but not limited to the cat basket, several boxes, and a laundry basket or two. The other day when he didn’t have an object to use as a phone (we were out in the stroller) and he a cell phone ring he answered his hand and said”HI!”  He has also started to bring Anthony and I invisible bits of something or other.  We are not sure what these are (he brings them in his pinched together thumb and first finger) and he hasn’t said yet, but he keeps placing them in our hands.  The weird thing is that babies (or toddlers) are not supposed to have an imagination like this yet.  They are supposed to only use concrete things to play pretend.  I guess Aidan is just a genius, but I am also guessing that you already knew that.  Didn’t you? 🙂

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  1. Nana Lorraine says:

    Of Course he is a genius!!! Just look at his family. Mary had blue horses at 20 months. When her blue horses escaped I had to leave your baby brother in the play pen and run after her to get them back into the corral. Those blue horses were quite good at getting me to put that pesky baby in the playpen and pay attention to them( or Mary).

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