Long time, no post.

I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy with the boys. Aidan has been good, but T. is being very aggressive and getting on my nerves. I know that part of it is that T. is not seeing his mom as often as he wants, he has just today got a new tooth, but he is so much more destructive aand aggressive than Aidan was at his age.

Today wasn’t too bad because it was short, we had a long walk and T. had a long nap. I had a horrible tuesday and yesterday we couldn’t get out because it was raining so hard and the double stroller doesn’t have rain protection. I may just have to say scew it and get Aidan a full rain suit and have him on the front. He would probably be happier with that anyway.

After Aidan’s nap today (which was shorter than he would have liked) Aidan did the strangest and cutest thing. He just lay down on the living room floor. About 15 minutes later he moved about 2 feet anf then did it again. A few minutes later he cuddled with me for about half an hour. Needless to say he went to bed very easily tonight.

Sorry for the rambly post, I hope to post more coherently tomorrow.

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