Sometimes the words you need to get out are not the ones that need to be published.  Sometimes the words that come are mean.  Sometimes I am a very mean girl.  Sometimes this comes from a place of hurt.  Sometimes this come from a place of misunderstanding.  Sometimes is comes from a need to get […] . . . → Read More: Sometimes

Aidan Demands and Tidbits

Aidan: “Have another Timbit?”
Mommy: “Not right now Aidan. We are going to have a cheese sandwich first.”
Aidan: “Not a cheese sandwich. Only another Timbit. Now.” Needless to say he did not get another Timbit.
We were shopping for a Christmas present for Tallis and I asked Aidan to help me.
Aidan: […] . . . → Read More: Aidan Demands and Tidbits

More Aidan Tidbits

“Wake up the truck?”

“Daddy’s bicycle awake.”

As Aidan and I lay in his tent on a cushion. “Mommy night night.” A pause as I close my eyes, then “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” he yells and then gives me a kiss.

After I tell him not to touch my glasses for the thousandth […] . . . → Read More: More Aidan Tidbits

erder erder erder er

Aidan has taken to singing aroung the house and in the car. A lot. He knows the usual classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle” “The Wheels on the Bus” “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as well as some less well known ones. He doesn’t always get the words all right but he tries […] . . . → Read More: erder erder erder er