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Baby Crack

No, not that kind of crack. The kind that keeps them glued to one spot. The kind that lets you strap a mask on the poor child and get through a half hour of medication into a struggling infant. … Continue reading

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Blogher Envy

This weekend there are hundreds of cool women bloggers advancing on San Jose, California. Sadly, I am not one of them. On both counts actually. I am not a cool woman, and so far not much of … Continue reading

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Perfect Post

Have you ever written the perfect post? You know one that is witty, intelligent and should resonate with people? Well I write those all the time, they just don’t make it onto Blogger. I write my best … Continue reading

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Have you ever?

I found this over at Maniacal Days site. You Bold what you have done. Underline what you plan to do. Maybe someone will actually read this.
1. Bought everyone in the bar a drink
2. Swam with wild dolphins
3. Climbed a mountain … Continue reading

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